DIY Traffic Police Helmet 3D Paper Mask

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This 30-piece paper mask is modelled after the notable Traffic Police riding helmet. A great addition to your growing collection of police memorabilia, it also serves as a fun activity with the DIY element that is required to put the mask together.

The helmet mask features the signature SPF crest, a see-through face shield, and comes in custom-designed packaging. Each piece has been cut, scored and labelled to allow for easy assembly. All you'll need to put it together are some adhesive and the anticipation to put your hands to work. Made of durable toxic-free paper card stock safe for children of age 3 and older.

  • Approximately 30cm x 28cm x 26cm (assembled)
  • Movable visor
  • Includes craft glue
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Comes in a custom-designed packaging
  • Adult supervision recommended during assembly and play