Special Operations Command Magnetic Pencil Case

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This utility pencil case is modelled after the Special Operations Command (SOC) tactical vehicle, colloquially known as the “Ang Chia”, and is one of the most recognised vehicles of the Police Tactical Unit. Its design commands presence and signals a degree of danger, which makes this pencil case an apt reminder of the importance of peace and harmony, as well as to be vigilant in the face of riots and terrorist attacks. Sporting multiple compartments and functions, as well as a secure magnetic closure, this pencil case with working wheels offers a refreshing take on practicality that is accompanied by a dash of fun for both kids and adults alike. 


  • Plastic
  • 25cm x 9.5cm x 3cm
  • Compartments on both tiers
  • Pencil holder
  • Sharpener
  • Planner slot
  • Eraser compartment
  • Magnetic closure
  • Functional wheels