1:24 SPF Tactical Vehicle Diecast Collectible

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Colloquially known as the “Ang Chia”, the Special Operations Command’s (SOC) tactical vehicle is one of the most recognisable vehicles of the Singapore Police Force. With a design that commands presence and signals a degree of urgency, it is often utilised for high-level security situations. It is also a prominent representation of SPF's stringent counter-terrorism measures toward upholding peace and safety of the nation. This licensed SPF diecast model comes sealed in its original factory packaging to maintain its mint condition collector's item status. Expand your fleet of SPF vehicle diecast collection with this impressive model today!


  • Diecast metal body with rubber tyres
  • 26cm x 10.3cm x 14.3cm
  • Limited Edition
  • Only 1,500 pieces available worldwide
  • Comes in a 32.5cm x 19.3cm x 16.2cm custom-designed box packaging with styrofoam
  • Optional acrylic case with base @ $35
  • Produced under license by and permission from Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG